The crew of Glorious Fools receive the Town Cup. Owners Peter Jackson and Digger Harden are holding the trophy, with Mayor Bob Calver on the right. © 2017 Sue Pelling

The Town Cup is the most prestigious prize in Burnham Week.

It is presented by the Town Mayor to the winner of the Town Cup yachting race, held on Burnham Week’s final Saturday.

The winner is also given a pennant marked ‘Town Cup Winner’ which can be flown in future years.

According to long tradition, the Cup is filled with champagne (or a similar suitable celebratory beverage) and taken to be shared at each club along the waterfront in celebration, often stopping in at the quayside pubs on the way.

Town Cup History

In 2017, the Town Cup was 90 years old.

The trophy has an interesting history. By 1926, the Burnham Week Regatta was held in such regard by the Burnham Urban District Council, that the then Chairman suggested that the Council raise funds for the purchase of a challenge cup to be competed for in Burnham Week.

A committee consisting of C.C. Booth, J.A. Cole, G.J. Cranfield, E.W. Sadler and E. Dilliway, all of whose names are still well known in the Town today, was appointed to oversee the project.

The Committee was authorized to select a suitable design. Mr N.S. Gilbert, a local jeweller, designed the solid silver rose bowl weighing ninety-one ounces, with a plinth containing twenty-four silver plaques. As it was to be a perpetual trophy, it was decided that a miniature of the cup, cost not to exceed £5, would be presented to the owner of the winning yacht as well as a prize of 3 Guineas to be shared between the crew.

It was agreed that the trophy competition would be limited to vessels over 15 tons, Class ‘A’, and the first race would take place on Tuesday 6th September 1927. When the Chairman of the Council presented the trophy to the first winner, a tradition was born. Since then the requirements have changed, but it is still a great Burnham tradition.

Past Winners

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