Burnham from the air in May. © 2018 Luke Englefield

Click here for a zoomable map of the town.

How to use the map

When you click on it, you can zoom in to see detail and pull out to get the bigger picture – if you are on a PC, just roll the mouse wheel – if you are on a mobile or a tablet just spread your fingers on the screen – you will see more details and more place names, or less – depending which way you are going.

You can also choose Satellite View which will give you a photographic image. If you keep zooming in, you will be given a 3D Street View, as if you are standing in a particular street.

You might want to open the link below in a New Tab (eg by pressing the wheel on your mouse button) so you don’t lose where you are on burnham.info.

If you open it in a New Window, you should be able to navigate your way around the town while still surfing through this website.

You should be able to zoom in or pull out just by rolling your mouse wheel or spreading your fingers on your mobile or tablet screen.

If you want to see a  static map of Burnham’s Conservation Area, click here.