A freshly-caught mullet, caught in Lion Creek, opposite Creeksea, September 2007. © 2007 Nick Skeens

The Crouch is popular with anglers – who either fish from the pontoons (with permission from their owners), from the seawall or out on boats.

They can catch herring, whiting, plaice, skate and flounders (dabs) in the winter. Summer brings the sea bass and the grey mullet.

Some people complain that the most abundant fish, the grey mullet, is ‘muddy’ to eat, because they are bottom feeders. This is only so much nonsense – the mud does not get into the flesh – if it does the mullet is in serious trouble. Prepared correctly a grey mullet makes a very good meal indeed.

Five mullet and one bass, caught in early September, 2007. © 2007 Nick Skeens