This website will be a permanent record of Burnham life.

Most of the pictures on the website were taken by the website editor Nick Skeens while he was building this site in early 2018 for the Town Council. For the sake of variety, it would be really good if we can replace some or most of his shots with high-quality photographs taken by the people of Burnham.

So if you have good pictures of Burnham, or good pictures to illustrate any of the pages on this website, i.e., you took them on your camera and therefore own the copyright, please feel free to send them to the Website Editor, use this email address,, or click here.

Please note that you will need to supply your name and the year you took the photo. Sending the photo to the Website Editor will be taken as permission to use the photograph on this website. Copyright will remain yours.

If your shots include people in a public place, that’s okay – you are free to photograph people in public without permission.

But if you want to submit pictures taken of a private location, you’ll need to send written confirmation from the person owning the property that you had permission to take photographs in that location, plus the names and written permission of anyone included in the shot. So, it’s probably best to avoid such photography.

Burnham Clock Tower in an April sunset. © 2021 Daren Johnson

Burnham foreshore © 2018 Loula Panayi

Burnham foreshore © 2018 Loula Panayi

Waterfront sunset in February. © 2018 Nick Gilmour

February snow in the park. © 2018 Nick Gilmour

August Sunset. © 2017 Nick Skeens

Prior’s Dock. © 2005 Pete James

Burnham foreshore © 2018 Loula Panayi

Houseboats & Rainbow in June. © 2006 Nick Skeens

Smack on the Crouch. © 2009 Pete James

December sunset. © 2003 Nick Skeens

© 2010 Pete James

Burnham from the air in May. ©2018 Luke Englefield

Barge Innisfree and rainbow, 24 July 2009. © Nick Skeens

Bench and mole. © 2010 Pete James

the house at Pooh corner. © 2006 Nick Skeens

West Quay looking east towards the town centre. © 2018 Nick Gilmour