The Burnham Sailing Club in January. © Nick Skeens 2018

The Burnham Sailing Club (BSC) was founded in 1930 by a small group of yacht crews and boatyard people who, in those days, were barred from Yacht Racing Association (YRA) membership because of their occupation, which was considered to low-class and ‘artisan’ at the time.

It was known for many years as the ‘locals’ sailing club’, differentiating it from the Royal Yacht clubs in the town which had, in the past, a reputation for a less-than-welcoming attitude to local people.

It is the most westerly of the clubs – the last as you walk the waterfront from the town centre.

Man takes dog for a sail? The club’s dinghy ramp is busy on Wednesday evenings during the sailing season, as is this part of West Quay. © Nick Skeens 2018

The club now focuses on dinghy sailing and canoeing, and also organises racing for larger craft.

It also runs racing on Wednesday evenings.

The red triangle above the race box lines up with similar triangles on the other side of the river and so, rather cunningly, marks the start/finish line used in the yachting races. © Nick Skeens 2018

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