You can buy everything from a lifejacket to an anchor at these local chandleries.

Fairways Chandlery

© 2018 Nick Skeens
 This chandlery is between the Quayside Cafe and the Royal Burnham Yacht Club.
Tel: (01621) 782 659


© 2018 Nick Skeens
This chandlery is at the Burnham Yacht Harbour (marina).
Tel: (01621) 783 090


The Wet Works

© 2018 Nick Skeens

The Wet Works offers a range of maritime equipment, focussing on watersports like paddleboarding and windsurfing.

Tel: (01621) 786 413

For more, go to their website.

Yachting Solutions

The stair in this picture lead up to Yachting Solutions. © 2018 Nick Skeens

This chandlery is at Rice & Cole’s boatyard.

Tel: (01621) 786 936.

For more, visit their website.