Laura Doyle, daughter of Suzi Quatro, transmitting her 24-hour fundraiser from Burnham in April 2018. Picture © Nick Skeens

Burnham has a Community Radio Station, which, for the past decade and more, has been called Saint FM, its name based on St Peter’s School (now Ormiston Rivers Academy), where it was born.

It is now called Crystal Radio.

It has broadcast 24/7 across the Maldon District on 94.7 FM for over ten years as two studios, one in Burnham and one in Maldon, providing local news, views, discussions, plus information like weather, travel, tides. It plays a wide variety of music and often features local creative and performance talent.

St Peters Studio and Community Radio Ltd has now been awarded a new licence by OFCOM to create a new station to broadcast with a stronger signal across the Maldon District.

To which end, Saint FM came off air in April 2018 and hopes to be back on air in 2019 with a new schedule.

Councillor Nick Skeens is  the Station Manager and an Executive Director of St Peters Studio and Community Radio, but is stepping down from both roles to make way for new management.